Weather Bipolarism Meets Tourist Travel [London]

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G’day. Finally got a chance to sit down and write a bit after much walking. Let me tell you about the weather… It will be sunny for about an hour, rain the next, sunny, rain, rain, sunny. Whenever I forget my umbrella, it rains. Whenever I bring my umbrella, hello sunshine. Not the typical Kansas sunny half the day, torrential rain at night. I find often that I go from one station to the next with different weather patterns.

Recently I have been participating in some typical tourist travel. The walking tour consisted of many standard London sites including Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Parliament, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus. (attached a few photos, click to enlarge).


Next, we had a scavenger hunt that comprised two days worth of searching for London’s lesser-known monuments and history. Some included a site of 17th-century hangings called “Tyburn Tree Gallows,” the statue of Peter Pan, Harrods (a million sq. ft. department store), and several ancient statues. Here are a few photos of the hunt:


I also had my internship interview on Wednesday at M2M, which is located in the borough of Marylebone. It is about a 20 minute commute through the Underground (The Tube) transit. I met with a young fella named Chris who discussed what I would be doing and a little bit about the business. He mentioned that I will be working on the digital team with clients such as Momentum Pictures, Estee Lauder, Swatch Group, and Net-A-Porter. Sounds like I will be doing a lot of online research, social media monitoring, attending brainstorming sessions, etc. I also asked about potential future with me and the company, and he said they certainly have a network in both the U.S. and U.K. I will certainly have updates of the internship in the coming weeks.

Last night we had a welcome party at the Foundation, a bar in Covent Garden. I ordered a drink called Dr. Jack, which consisted of whiskey and pomegranate juice.  What was interesting was that the bartender had inserted a stick with a wide bottom into the drink. When I picked up my drink, it was bubbling and rumbling as I held it. Come to know, the stick actually was a bubble maker and made the drink a little more interesting! Tonight a few of us went to a nearby pub called The Blackbird, where I ordered a Guinness beer and bangers and mash, a traditional English pub dish comprising of sausages on top of mashed potatoes surrounded by gravy. The plate was delightful and filling.

My five London tips/fun facts of the week:
1. Bring a coin pouch or purse before you come here. Their coins are actually worth something.
2. Cookies are called biscuits and ‘digestives’ are sweet cookies, not antacid cookies.
3. Asians still don’t know how to drive, even in the U.K.
4. Bringing as many shorts as I did was a bad idea.
5. Most business entrance doors are push, not pull like the majority in the U.S.

Cheers from London.


One thought on “Weather Bipolarism Meets Tourist Travel [London]

  1. Thanks, Michael, you made us feel like we were there. Grandpa wished we were getting some of your rains. We just had a short one. Take care for now.

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