First Time Abroad Arrived [Kansas]


Well, it just passed midnight so you know what that means. I’M FLYING TO LONDON TODAY! And if someone could explain how to pack one large suitcase for two months of interning, living, traveling and getting lost, all under 50 lbs., that’d be great. And by lbs., I mean weight pounds, not British Pounds (£).

I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to go abroad at this age. Throughout all the pre-departure discussion with family, friends, community members (and other random people who somehow know I’m leaving the country), I do understand what an experience I have on my hands. For my grandparents, such a journey was nearly unheard of during their college years and could even prove quite dangerous during wartimes. The world has grown to become an international culture. I’m hoping Mexico has cultured London because I will be missing a good meal of enchiladas, chips and salsa!

For the details: My flight leaves Kansas City at 1:40PM Sunday, and I will fly first to Detroit to catch a connector flight. I’ll leave Detroit around 7:00PM and arrive in London in the early morning of Monday, London time. Once I arrive, I’ll quickly try to get a cell phone number, but it’s probably easiest to catch up with me on here, email or Skype. For time comparison, it’s six hours ahead. So, if you’re eating lunch here, I’m most likely eating dinner. And when you are waiting for the 4th of July to get here, I’ll already have a head start. 🙂

I send my farewells to you Americans. Stay safe from floodwaters, and I’ll stay away from cars driving on the other side of the road.


2 thoughts on “First Time Abroad Arrived [Kansas]

  1. Have a great trip, be yourself,make wise decisions, see as much as you can, write lots of notes. ly.

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